Jess Food Therapy


I have to admit, the birth of this site wasn't entirely my own. I have to give credit to the inspirational Julie Powers and the legendary Lady of Ladle herself, Julia Childs - both whom rediscovered themselves through the power of food and decided to share their passion with the world. After watching the charming documentary of the two ladies in "Julie & Julia," I felt compelled to connect with my own inner foodie and share what I can through mouth-watering photos and superfluous adjectives.

The name of this site pretty much sums up my relationship with food. Food determines my daily state of mind. It brings a sense of balance to my life. Empty stomach, I am a total wreck. (Just ask my patient, loving husband). Fully fed, I am the happiest camper. After a long, grilling day at work when nothing in the world seems right, I can take a bite into my oven-roasted corn, eggplants and tomatoes and find the answer to all. Coming to that realization, I decided the best way to prolong those happy moments is to document them down. Not only will I get to relive those happy moments everytime I feel down (and hungry), but hopefully, others will get to experience that same blissfulness when they come across this page.

As if the simple joy of food is not enough for me to blog about, recently, I moved back to my motherland Taipei, Taiwan - a populated city filled with beauty, energy, culture, and YES of course, amazingly delicious food. From undiscovered alleyways to the top floor of an upscale mall, good food from all around the world exists in this city of 2.6 million. As I rediscover my city once again, I hope you'll enjoy its humble wonders. And of course, there will always (fingers-crossed) be occasional cameos of deliciousness from my travels to other countries. My goal is to bring a smile to your face, as it does to mine.

Hope to see you in many therapy sessions to come!

Cheers to the simple pleasure in life,